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I'm always looking for new opportunities to solve design problems. I'm currently open for part-time work.

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Product Design

I can assist businesses and organizations in conceptualizing, developing, and enhancing their products. I am an experienced Product Designer who can provide you with expert guidance, strategy, and solutions that aligns to your products goals and the market's demands.

  • Product Strategy - I'll work with you to understand your vision, goals, and target market.
  • Ideation - We'll brainstorm, generate ideas, conceptualize, and create prototypes that aligns with your goal.
  • Design - Using the latest design tools, I'll create high-fidelity UI for you, with great attention to detail and intuitive user experience.
  • Design QA - I'll work with your developers to ensure that we're aligned with what we've built in design and what we're building in dev.
  • Accessibility - I'll ensure that we're building products that adhere to WCAG's AA Accessbility Standard.

Design Systems

Design consistency and seamless user experience are paramount in a well-crafted product, and a design system is a key to achieving this.

  • Design System Strategy - I'll work closely with your team to define a strategy and establish design principles that aligns to your brand, tech stack, and objectives.
  • Creation and Documentation - I'll help you build and document a comprehensive design system on Figma and Storybook, including guidelines for design elements, typography, colors, components, and design patterns.
  • Integration and Implementation - I'll help you integrate the design system into your design and development workflows, ensuring a smooth transition and adaption process.
  • Trainings and Workshops - I offer training sessions and workshops to educate your team about the design system's principles and implementation best practices.

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